Unit 1.Review
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Bill: Good morning, Paul. 早上好,保罗。

Paul: Morning,Bill. 早上好,比尔。

Bill: How is it going?怎么样?

Paul: Going well! Yourself?很好! 你呢?

Bill: Couldn’t be better. Beautiful day! 不能更好了,天气真棒!

Paul: Yes, it is. Have a great day! 是的,祝你今日愉快!

Bill: Thank you. You, too! Bye-bye. 谢谢,你也是。再见

Mike: Hey, Joy. Good evening!嗨,乔伊,晚上好,。

Joy: Hi, Mike. Good to see you. How are you this evening?嗨,麦克。很高兴见到你。你今晚怎么样?

Mike: I am good. How is it going? 很好。你怎么样?

Joy: I have seen better days. I am OK. 我曾经更好过。我还行。

Mike: Ok, have a great night! 好吧,晚安!

Joy: Ok, thanks. You, too! 好,谢谢,你也是。